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30+ years of experience in PCB technology, design optimization, Manufacturability.

Our experienced team of PCB professionals works closely with the state-of-the-art manufacturing partners to offer the best products that meet global quality standards and are priced competitively.

Our dedicated team of PCB professionals will provide you with the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for your front-end design through mass production.

North American customer support together with offshore production facilities, provides our customers the support and pricing required to remain competitive in today’s market.

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VEXOS follows advanced PCB industry standards since 1991. Our engineers can fabricate highly complex technology – assemblies, fast!

About Vexos

PCB Global Experts

At Vexos, we are global experts in designing, engineering, and manufacturing of printed circuit boards. For more than 30 years, we have developed our expertise and worked with clients across different industries to deliver the very best in PCB services. Our own PCB technology experts partner with some of the best PCB manufacturers. Over the years we have been serving our clients, we have built strong relationships with each of our partners. Our team can help with a range of PCB needs, ensuring all of our clients are satisfied with the results that they receive from our services.

PCB Solutions

Choosing The Right Solution

Flexible PCBs are used in a variety of different applications such as portable electronics, devices, hard dish drives and desktop printers

Rigid PCBs are designed for applications that have complicated circuit layouts or need many electric components mounted. This type of PCB offers high durability, reliability and a long life cycle, which is why they are often used in LEDs, as well as automotive, medical, HVAC, fitness equipment and industrial applications.

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Simply get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Use our online form to send us your information for a free quote or just to discuss how we can help you. You can also call us directly at 1-855-711-3227 to speak to a PCB specialist and receive more information.

When you get in touch with our expert team, you will receive the best advice on PCB design, manufacturing, assembly, and prototyping. Take a look at our PCB capabilities to see what we can do for you and what we are truly capable of.

PCB Types and Applications

PCB Surface and Finishes

Pre-production Engineering

Understand the Total Cost of Your Printed Circuit Board Ownership


CMS Design from the Experts

Our Custom Materials Services Team have extensive experience in a wide range of industries and application areas. Our facilities and staff are capable of meeting all kinds of specifications, from simple PCB design to incredibly complex technology. Our team of experts are capable of listening to and understanding the problems that you need to solve, and ensuring the right solution is provided.

We can help with everything from simple circuitry to complex boards that are designed to solve complex problems. Our team collaborates with you to design solutions that are unique to your requirements and use innovative design that works for you. We work closely with you to keep you up to date and guarantee an end result that works for you.

After your PCB design is complete, we also take care of all other PCB assembly manufacturing needs. Our manufacturing partners allow us to provide top-quality PCB prototyping and manufacturing services using the best technology and state-of-the-art facilities. We use design for excellence (DFX) principles, including design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for testability (DFT) to design and review your products. These guidelines and methodologies ensure the product design requirements are met and the product delivers high value to the client. You can be confident that you will receive high-quality design and manufacturing, no matter what industry you need PCB design for.

Benefits Of Performing DFX

  • Reduced lead time and material costs (DFSC)
  • Improved PCB yield and cost (DFF)
  • Improved assembly yield and reduced labor content (DFA)
  • Improved coverage and final yield, reduced RMA and field failures (DFT)
  • Improved production stability and predictability (DFM)
  • Continuous improvement (post-DFM, ROI)

Rapid PCB Prototyping

Creating prototypes is an essential part of the product development process. Our manufacturing services also include prototyping before actual manufacturing and assembly. We offer a fast, complete prototyping service that gives you everything that you need to quickly get your product tested and ready to be manufactured. You can choose Vexos for rapid PCB and PCBA prototyping. We have complete value engineering services, as well as integrated and coordinated technology and components solutions. We manage every project according to ISO standards to guarantee consistently high-quality results every time.

Our prototyping process involves using the latest equipment and process controls, including component kit check-in and final inspection methods. We deliver the highest level of technical service throughout the process. Beginning with receiving your files or completing your design, our team communicates effectively with you throughout the project and provides project management, with a clear focus on quality and delivering your project on time.

Your prototypes can be ready in just a matter of days and you are able to order any amount, beginning with just a single board. We provide a range of board types and different finishes for you to choose from to develop a final prototype that meets your project's specifications. You can get your product to market faster with our prototyping services, whether you use them as a standalone service or together with our other service options.


PCB Technical Specifications

Item Standard Advanced

600*730 mm ( 24*29 inch)

650*1120 mm (26*44inch)


7 mm (0.28 Inch)

10 mm (.39inch)


0.3 mm ( 0.012 inch)

0.2 mm (0.008 inch)

LAYER COUNT Maximum layer count rigid boards



Maximum layer count flex boards



LAYER TO LAYER REGISTRATION minimum missregistration

0.1 mm ( 4mil)

0.075 mm (3mil)


210 micron (6oz)

420 micron (12oz)

MINIMUM CORE THICKNESS Minimum core thickness

50 micron (2 mil)


LINES/SPACES Minimum outer layer line/space

75/75 micron (3/3mil)

50/50 micron (2/2mil)

Minimum inner layer line/space

63.5/63.5 micron (2.5/2.5mil)

40/40 micron (1.6/1.6 mil)

MECHANICAL DRILLING Maximum aspect ratio



Minimum drill diameter

0.15 mm (6mil)

0.1 mm (4mil)

final hole tolerance (PTH)

± 0.05 mm (± 2 mil)

±0.038mm (±1.5mil)
final hole tolerance (NPTH)

± 0.05 mm (± 2 mil)

± 0.025 mm (± 1 mil)

Hole location accuracy

± 0.05mm (± 2 mil)

± 38 micron ( ± 1.5 mil)

LASER DRILLING Minimum laser diameter

75 micron (3mil)

60 micron (2.4 mil)

Aspect ratio microvia
(Hole size / thickness)




± 10%

± 5%

Reliable PCB Manufacturing

Our PCB manufacturing services ensure our clients are able to take their PCB projects from initial stages to completion phase. Assembly, testing and commodity sourcing are all part of our complete service offering. Vexos partners with the very best manufacturers to enable us to take your PCB from concept through to design and manufacturing. Our fully-equipped facilities have a wide range of capabilities and all assemblies are verified for part-placement accuracy. We choose our subcontractors extremely carefully, using rigorous criteria to ensure we choose only the best partners for PCB manufacturing. Each of our partners is subject to frequent checks and factory visits throughout the manufacturing process, enabling us to have full oversight and guarantee quality results.

Continuous training is provided to staff at all levels to ensure they have updated knowledge and skills needed to deliver excellent quality products. We also prioritize your privacy, keeping careful control over documents and safeguarding your data. Additionally, our manufacturing partners are chosen to help us offer competitive prices to our clients. Together with our design team, we can ensure that your PCBs are ready for manufacturing and designed in a way that makes fast and reliable manufacturing more feasible.

Our global manufacturing capabilities make it possible to provide flexible solutions to all of our clients. All of our facilities have the latest technology and equipment and benefit from custom materials sourcing, logistics, aftermarket services, and more. Whatever your needs are, we can provide the solutions to match them.


PCB Manufacturing Request


Cost-Effective PCB & Test

Whether you have a standalone PCB fabrication project or you need assistance with design, manufacturing and other requirements, we work with you to get it done. We have all of the necessary quality equipments to fabricate assemble your PCBs and test their function to ensure they are prepared for the next stage of your project.

Our printed circuit board manufacturing and sourcing services make sure you have the key component of your circuit boards. Together with our PCB sourcing assembly services, you can complete the assembled printed circuit board with all of its requisite parts. Both our assembly and testing services prepare your PCBs as part of our one-stop service. We can take care of everything from multi-layered to flexible printed circuit boards, providing services from design to delivery.

Testing involves checking electrical testing of finished PCBs. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures a thorough job is carried out every time.

PCB Solutions

Flexible circuits
Rigid circuits
Rigid-flex circuits
Aluminum/metal clad
Copper and bondable PCBs
Ceramic PCBs
Teflon/metal PCBs
Thermal clad
Membrane circuits

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